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Brachiaria species identification using imaging techniques based on fractal descriptors

João Batista Florindo, Núbia Rosa da Silva, Liliane Maria Romualdo, Fernanda de Fátima da Silva, Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira Luz, Valdo Rodrigues Herling, Odemir Martinez Bruno

arXiv:1412.7849v1, 2014

The use of a rapid and accurate method in diagnosis and classification of species and/or cultivars of forage has practical relevance, scientific and trade in various areas of study. Thus, leaf samples of fodder plant species Brachiaria were previously identified, collected and scanned to be treated by means of artificial vision to make the database and be used in subsequent classifications. Forage crops used were: Brachiaria decumbens cv. IPEAN; Brachiaria ruziziensis Germain and Evrard; Brachiaria Brizantha (Hochst. ex. A. Rich.) Stapf; Brachiaria arrecta (Hack.) Stent. and \textit{Brachiaria spp}. The images were analyzed by the fractal descriptors method, where a set of measures are obtained from the values of the fractal dimension at different scales. Therefore such values are used as inputs for a state-of-the-art classifier, the Support Vector Machine, which finally discriminates the images according to the respective species.