Thesis CTDIA prize

The Academic Dalcimar Casanova won the second best dissertation in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The prize was awarded by the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC-CEIA) during the 2010 Joint Conference.

To read more visit: VII Best MSc Dissertation/PhD Thesis Contest in Artificial Intelligence

Chaotic Encryption Method Based on Life-Like Cellular Automata

Marina Jeaneth Machicao, Anderson G. Marco, Odemir M. Bruno

arXiv:1112.6326v1, 2011

We propose a chaotic encryption method based on Cellular Automata(CA), specifically on the family called the "Life-Like" type. Thus, the encryption process lying on the pseudo-random numbers generated (PRNG) by each CA's evolution, which transforms the password as the initial conditions to encrypt messages. Moreover, is explored the dynamical behavior of CA to reach a "good" quality as PRNG based on measures to quantify "how chaotic a dynamical system is", through the combination of the entropy, Lyapunov exponent, and Hamming distance. Finally, we present the detailed security analysis based on experimental tests: DIEHARD and ENT suites, as well as Fouriers Power Spectrum, used as a security criteria.