Thesis CTDIA prize

The Academic Dalcimar Casanova won the second best dissertation in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The prize was awarded by the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC-CEIA) during the 2010 Joint Conference.

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Análise de espectro de potência e curvatura no reconhecimento do ascósporo da guignardia citricarpa.

Mario Augusto Pazoti and Jose Dalton Cruz Pessoa and Odemir Martinez Bruno

Congresso Brasileiro de Computação,718-723,2004

The pest and disease management is one of the most significant factors in the citrus production, due to the economical impact caused. Among the diseases, citrus black spot (CBS), a fungal disease caused by Guignardia citricarpa, has a great impact on production. As a preventive action, analyses of particles in suspension in the orchards have been made. These particles are collected in a disc, in order to identify the presence of fungal spores before symptoms appear. In this paper, a study is presented using shape analysis methods. These methods are based on shape curvature and power spectrum analysis for fungal spore characterization. Thus, the identification process can be assisted by a computational vision system, currently made manually. Experiments and preliminary results are also presented.