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Study of methods of image complexity analysis

André Ricardo Backes

Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação - Universidade de São Paulo, 2010

Complexity is a feature of great importance in pattern recognition processes, especially those involving biological images. This work aims to study methods that perform image analysis by the analysis of its complexity. The methods to be studied were selected based on similarity of their algorithms and methodology: fractal dimension, Deterministic Tourist Walk and Complex Networks. These methods enable us to perform the analysis and segmentation of shapes and textures contained in an image based on the variation of its complexity. Of the three methods considered, two of them are part of the state of the art in complexity analysis, while the fractal dimension is already applied in shapes and textures analysis. The work developed here aims to compare and analyze the selected methods through experiments with shape and texture images, utilizing for this natural and Brodatz textures samples, often used in literature as benchmark for textures analysis. Based on the knowledge acquired, new techniques for analysis and segmentation of shapes and textures were developed, as also were analyzed the deficiencies and proposed improvements to the techniques studied. Moreover, several experiments with these methods were performed in bioinformatics applications

keywords: Complex networks, Complexity, Fractal dimension, Shape analysis, Texture analysis, Tourist walk