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Simulation and modeling of the sensory retina

Leandro Paganotti Brazil

Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação - Universidade de São Paulo, 2009

The vision is the human sense more complex and important in cognitive processes and the interaction of an individual with the world. Neurophysiologists seek to identify and understand how the cellular mechanisms involved in this process work. The visual system receives the image signals captured by the eyes and, through several transformations and processing, integrate those signals into internal representations of perceptual objects. The project Virtual Eye can reconstruct three-dimensional models of eye corneas using real or simulated on the computer, playing their optical properties capturing images satisfactorily. This work introduces the Virtual Eye project, a computational model of retina-based biological model, able to reproduce the properties of rod and cone cells in their radial distributions and also in its functionality in particular. Besides this, a model is presented for reproduction of the receptive fields of ganglion cells present in the retina, generating output signals in the parvo and magno systems. Finally, simulations are made with psychophysical experiments in order to verify the accuracy of the proposed model

keywords: Computer vision,Cones,Receptive field,Retina,Rods